27 Responses to Feedback

  1. Heath & Heather Wells

    First time patrons at your restaurant. Found you through the “Entertainment Book” 2010/2011.

    Previously been a fan of “Sophies” when she had a dedicated burger restaurant and have been a fan of Burger Wisconsin. We think of ourselves as burger lovers and were delighted to find another gourmet burger outlet here in ChCh – a niche market that has been sadly lacking lately.

    We both really enjoyed our meals and will definitely be back.

    The only comments would be that we felt the drink range was a little limited and my wife found her burger, the Chicken Pig Bacon one, to be quite messy to eat due to the amount of lovely juices. Of course the flip-side to the messiness is that the burger was juicy and not dry as some chicken burgers can tend to be.

    Her comment was “Wow – that guy in the kitchen really knows how to cook a decent chicken burger.”

    The limited drink range and eating by hand will certainly not stop us coming back and we look forward to trying more of your range of burgers in the near future.

    P.S. Have you considered radio advertising? As burger lovers we were somewhat shocked when we asked Gideon how long you had been around (thinking it must have only been weeks coz we thought we were on top of any good burger places in ChCh) to find you have been there 7 months and all this time we had never heard of you!

    I listen to 91ZM most of the day and have not heard any ads… If I had we would have definitely checked you out!


    Heath & Heather Wells,
    ChCh NZ

  2. justin

    dear b&b inc,

    your chips are the best i think i have ever eaten. Please do not ever change the recipe, cooking method or amount in the bag. they are absolutely perfect as you have them. and the gravy is spot on too! beautiful.

  3. Jessa

    Will you be expanding to other cities? I was introduced to your wonderful restaurant in Jan when i was in Chch (originally from Dunedin/Auckland) and would love it if you appeared in other cities! Definitely not a burger fan, as a rule, but absolutely love yours!

  4. Ellie Clark

    Came in on Sunday evening and had a fab time and great meal. Thanks very much to lovely lady serving us (sorry didnt catch your name) and for giving us balloons to entertain ourselves!! :)

  5. Daniel Tovizi

    Just went into Your shop on Colombo and was greeted by the most energetic, friendly and awesome lady as soon as we walked in. Big smile and a warm welcoming. So far the service was great and I was thinking I hope the food is amazing as I am loving the service. Well turns out the burger was OUT OF THIS WORLD! You have defiantly got yourself a new regular customer and I shall preach the good word to everyone I know!

  6. Ruth Ball

    Had a work Christmas do with you guys last night and it was awesome! Everybody LOVED the burgers. The chips and gravy are soooo good, had to keep ordering more.
    Loved the service which was friendly and attentive while still managing to be chilled out – a great combo!
    Will definitely be back for more – so many burgers still to try!

  7. Tamara

    After the first one I was talking about it for days..I was instructed to go to burger fuel in wellington while i was there a few days later..because they were amazing.. they weren’t. YOU GUYS ARE!! haven’t had another burger that compares since.. well, apart from the many from you that is.

  8. D Smith

    I had heard good things about this place, and it didn’t disappoint. Tried the shagged stag, amazing, the chips and gravy, a new New Zealand classic, and a beer, and still got change back from a $20 note.
    But its not just about the food, the atmosphere is a blast, great background music and those drawings show a wry sense of humour. Viva la Revolution.

  9. rob

    just had B&B for my birthday shout from my lovely wife, LOVE IT!

  10. Neave

    Hi – we came to yours last night on the recommendation of our kids – absoutely loved it – sat around with our friends and chatted way too long because the atmosphere was so great. Everyone enjoyed their burgers and Im already planning who to take next time and what to order! Loved the music – loved the friendly guy who got us our table and made us feel so welcome – well done you could teach everyone in business in Chch how to do it right! – cheers Neave

  11. Michelle Berridge

    Cityscape loves Burgers & Beers! We headed down to the new Burgers & Beers in Colombo Street and were mightily impressed by our burgers and fries. Read the review on Cityscape.

  12. Jarrod

    Hey B&B Inc, thanks for supporting us in the V48 Hours Furious Filmmaking Competition this year. The team really appreciated your support, and the excellent burgers helped us continue filming (until 1am!).

    The movie’s not too bad either: we named it “Pronoia” and it’s online at http://www.Section59.co.nz.



  13. Paul

    I heard a rumour you guys were opening up in Papanui… is this true and if so what is the ETA?

    Best burgers in town, would be great to have them in the northern suburbs!

  14. Ty

    Just wanted to say the burgers were delish! The chips were really good too, especially the gravy! I think i’ve found my new burger place! Compliments to the chef and the great staff. Cool atmosphere too! Everyone in there were definitely having a good time!

  15. Marcia

    We visitied in November/Dec 2012 and had the best burger experience ever. Buns soft and not too thick, lots of tasty fillings and the best ever gravy & chips. Lookin forward to our next visit for a holiday treat real soon.. Must reccommend to ALL.

  16. Aleisha

    Went to Colombo st for first time last Friday, with friends that had raved on about you guys was a bit of skeptic at first I like good food but u can never get a good burger, boy was wrong food was bloody fantastic, had the bugger burger could hardly finish it but it tasted so good I had to finish it, came out looking like is was preg I was so full, chips and gravy spot on dont ever hange them, my partner on the other hand likes hot food so he ordered the flaming Mexican with chilli con carne in it was gutted, it wasn’t hot at all. But it was still good, I tried it I hate hot food and I didn’t find it hot at all either.
    But services was great very friendly and helpful, will most certainly be going there again and again and telling everyone to go there to, you guys rock !

  17. JJ

    BEST BURGERS EVER!!!! & Chips n Gravy = AMAZING!

  18. Anna

    WOW! We loved your tree hugger burgers and your chips are truly divine, we will be back for more!

  19. Brittany

    Me and my boyfriend were so starving for a decent burger because we were sick of the shit you get from macas and all the other fastfood chains and oh my lord! They were the best burgers we have tasted! We will definitely be coming back. Amazing service, delicious burgers, friendly workers and awesome place! Keep doing what you guys are doing!!

  20. Dazza

    Stopped by after hard day at work for burger and beer. Excellent service, excellent beer (Stoke Larger), excellent Stag burger. Happy with price. One small downer – waitress assumed I was getting take out so I was a bit surprised when burger was delivered. Small but important point! I may have stayed for more drinks/desert/food but figured meh – movin on.
    Happy to return and maybe stay a while next time =)

  21. Lance

    Wow, thanks Burgers and Beers for hosting my birthday bash at Colombo St. Yep the burgers were great, (delicious fish burger for me), and yep the beer choices are great, ( I recommend the Harrington’s Rogue Hop ), but it always the service that make a food joint work and the service last night was impresive. Well done to the chef and the front of house staff, nice one, cheers.

  22. Anna-Kate Shaw

    Love Burgers and Beers… best onion rings and gravy ever … only one suggestion – milkshakes!

  23. Josh Bastion

    Absolutely awesomesauce,
    Spent four and a half years in Queenstown working in the club scene and eating ferg burger at stupid o’clock in the morning after shutting down SubCulture, have eaten burger fuel in Dunedin many times and a few othe similar venues around NZ,
    Nothing compares to Burgers and Bears! NOTHING!
    My fav is mos def the Billy Beef and Blue… Epic is an understatement…
    And by far the best priced gourmet burgers in the scene of true burger joints…

    Much love to you B’s & B’s…
    You are my rock and roll mantis ;)

    Josh B

  24. Keith W

    Loved your burgers and outstanding fries, please open a branch in Pukekohe !!!

  25. Beth

    Hi, we totally love burgers and beers – no complaints with the food! I normally order using the app however, you can’t get onion rings via the app. Any chance you could add it? Cheers!

  26. James

    I am not sure if my favorite is Lock Stock or the Pulp Fiction as both are well directed. I would like to also mention that the staff were friendly, particularly a young gentleman (name was Tom). He went out of his way to make sure our group was fully taken care of throughout the evening , even though the place was packed with people. I am also impressed with the onion rings, as they are cooked like no other onion ring I have had from a fast food chain, delicious 10/10.

    James. PS I will try Cranford St next

  27. Dan Thomson

    K so just reading these it appears you haven’t had feedback in a while so here goes.
    I have been a loyal Burgers and Beers customer for most of the time they’ve been in Sydenham coz they are amazing. I always go in for a chicken Pig (with Venison, not chicken = delicious), chips and onion rings. .
    The owner is an absolute ledge as well. He just had a vision to produce the best feed in town and I’m happy to say that he’s succeeded. Just got my 2 for 1 grab one voucher so I’ll be there next week. While I’m there I’ll also get my FREE COFFEE that is always available.

    Take away Message = Go there. You may have to wait a little while on a busy night but it will be worth it.