by ~ June 10th, 2010

justin June 8th, 2010 at 2:37 pm Moderate

dear b&b inc,

your chips are the best i think i have ever eaten. Please do not ever change the recipe, cooking method or amount in the bag. they are absolutely perfect as you have them. and the gravy is spot on too! beautiful.


by ~ June 10th, 2010

Heath & Heather Wells June 5th, 2010 at 5:57 pm

First time patrons at your restaurant. Found you through the “Entertainment Book” 2010/2011.

Previously been a fan of “Sophies” when she had a dedicated burger restaurant and have been a fan of Burger Wisconsin. We think of ourselves as burger lovers and were delighted to find another gourmet burger outlet here in ChCh – a niche market that has been sadly lacking lately.

We both really enjoyed our meals and will definitely be back.

The only comments would be that we felt the drink range was a little limited and my wife found her burger, the Chicken Pig Bacon one, to be quite messy to eat due to the amount of lovely juices. Of course the flip-side to the messiness is that the burger was juicy and not dry as some chicken burgers can tend to be.

Her comment was “Wow – that guy in the kitchen really knows how to cook a decent chicken burger.”

The limited drink range and eating by hand will certainly not stop us coming back and we look forward to trying more of your range of burgers in the near future.

P.S. Have you considered radio advertising? As burger lovers we were somewhat shocked when we asked Gideon how long you had been around (thinking it must have only been weeks coz we thought we were on top of any good burger places in ChCh) to find you have been there 7 months and all this time we had never heard of you!

I listen to 91ZM most of the day and have not heard any ads… If I had we would have definitely checked you out!


Heath & Heather Wells,